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Why roast in Margaret River?

The Margaret River Coffee Company has two main types of roast - the Injidup blend, which has a rich, full-bodied flavour with an intensity of 12, and the Wilyabrup blend, which has a smooth and well-balanced flavour and an intensity of 8.

Wilyabrup Blend

This well balanced blend comes primarily from beans sourced in the highlands of our northern neighbour Papua New Guinea, along with beans from central Ethiopia. It is a mild blend with a level of intensity of 8, delivering delicate strawberry shortbread notes up front, with a lingering, creamy butterscotch aftertaste

Papua New Guinea Kaw Kaw Mountain (70%)
Region: Katagu, Goroka
Producer: Shelley Family
Elevation: 1700m

Ethiopian Sidamo (30%)
Region: Yirgacheffe, Sidamo
Producer:  Small farmers around Borboya Washing Station
Elevation: 2050m – 2200m

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Injidup Blend

A bold blend with notes of milk chocolate, plum and dark fruits matched with a crisp lemonade acidity. It combines the full flavour of South American beans from Colombia, with the smooth texture of beans from Africa’s largest coffee producing country – Ethiopia. It is perfect for a m0rning pick-me-up with a level of intensity of 12.

Colombian Popayan Supremo (70%)
Producer: Individual small farmers
Elevation: 1700m – 2100m

Ethiopian Guji, Hambela Wereda (30%)
Producer:  Freshiwot Mekonen
Elevation: 1800m-2050m

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Single Origin Blends

Ethiopia and Guatemala